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We're always working to resolve issues that are reported to us. If your problem is listed below, we're aware of the issue and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible.  We will provide suggested workarounds and updates regularly, as we are committed to updating the status of these issues as often as possible. 

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Issue Description Resolution Status Temporary Solution

Essay and Other Long Response Fields

When pasting text from another source, if the original text contains bullets, the bullets may be converted to the letter o.



High School and College Search Windows Zooming into enlarge the display may displace the "X" in the upper right hand corner, which will prevent users from closing the window.  Reported

To close the window, use the Escape key.

Text Formatting When selecting multiple formats (bold, italics, underline) for a single word or phrase, the text may not render properly.  Reported

Type the text, highlight the section to be formatted, and then click the desired formatting buttons.

Line Breaks/Notepad

When pasting from Windows Notepad, all text displays as a single line, even if there are line breaks.

Paragraph Breaks When pasting paragraphs into an essay or long response field, paragraph separations may be lost.  Reported

To restore the breaks, use the Enter key.

Pasting from Google Docs

Text pasted from a Google doc into an essay or long response field will not retain formatting.

System Error After Logout In some cases, when an applicant logs out, the following error message is displayed. "An unhandled exception was generated during the execution of the current web request." Reported

To remove the error, clear the browser history.

Unknown Parent Check Mark

In cases where an applicant first selects Mother or Father for Parent Type and then changes the response to Unknown, the Parent section will not be marked as complete.


If the applicant answers one of the questions that drives a conditional required question (e.g., occupation which requires employment status or education level which requires further education information), then the conditional questions are still required even when the parent is changed to unknown. The suggested workaround is to remove the answers, eliminating the conditionally required questions, and the green check appears.

Incorrect Fee Waiver Form Status When an applicant changes the Common App Fee Waiver response to "no" after submitting at least one application with a Fee Waiver, the counselor dashboard will display Not Applicable for the Fee Waiver form. Reported  
Early Decision Questions

If an applicants selects Early Decision for a college and then changes the decision plan, questions normally triggered by the Early Decision selection may still display.

Address verification

The trigger to perform the check may not work correctly in older versions of Safari like 5.1 on the Mac OS.


Please try an alternate browser (e.g., Chrome), or contact our Support team via the ‘Ask A Question’ tab to provide the address.

Long answer question “disappearing” from the page

With repeated access to the same member screen in the same session (5 or more times right in a row), the applicant sees the question label but not the input box, so the question cannot be answered.

Reported On a PC, hit CTRL-F5, to force a full refresh of the page; on a Mac, hold down Cmd and Shift, then press the R key.  The page will refresh, and the long answer input box will appear.
Error page generated upon logout

If an applicant is logged in using two different tabs in Chrome, an error is displayed if the applicant clicks on the log out button from one of the tabs.

Long answer overlaps on PDF footer

If an applicant completes all long answer questions on the writing supplement with maximum word entries, the writing supplement may overlap the PDF footer.

Reported Placing a hard return in the middle of the text that is cut off should force the text onto the next page (without running into the footer).
Em dash conversion

Applicants entering an em dash in a long answer question will find the em dash converted to a hyphen upon save.

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