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Issue Description Resolution Status Temporary Solution
Error in displaying Education Honor in application PDF. In the Education section, when entering Honors, if an applicant enters a title into the Honors Title 5 field but does not enter the corresponding Grade level, that Honor will not display on the application pdf. Reported Be sure to enter the corresponding Grade level if entering a 5th Honor.
Error In Replacing Uploaded Files
Applicants wishing to replace an uploaded file will see the previous version saved if they have used the same file name as the one previously uploaded. When previewed, the unedited version of the file is displayed, rather than the edited one.
Renaming the edited file or saving the section after removing the unedited file corrects the problem.
System error with Education screen preview In the Education section, under 'Current Or Most Recent Year Courses', applicants will get an error page when doing screen preview when 1 or more courses have a course title but no course schedule response has been entered. Reported To avoid this error, please be sure to specify the course schedule to correctly see the screen preview.
College search and add issue in IE10 Applicants using IE10 maybe be logged out of your session if you type the name of the college and hit the Enter key while searching for and adding colleges.  Reported Please use the "Search" button instead of hitting "Enter" in order to avoid the issue.
Country value list display When attempting to enter an address, in some cases the country dropdown list may not display any values. Reported Changing the browser or navigating away from the page then returning may improve the experience. If you have any trouble entering your address in its entirety, please contact our Applicant Solutions Center at
Requirements grid: Display of coed and coordinate schools In the application, the Requirements grid (online version) does not distinguish between coed and coordinate (men's and women's colleges as coordinated entity). Reported The PDF version of the Requirements grid makes these differences clear.
Adding members with long name causes display issue (specific to browser). In the application, adding a college with a very long name can occasionally cause the columns to widen in Chrome so that you cannot see the "Remove" icon. Reported If this happens and you need to remove a school, please use another browser.
Long Answer - Unable to Select and replace existing text with new text using keyboard Ctrl-A/Ctrl-V When working in the personal essay, the long answer control does not recognize the Ctrl-A then Ctrl-V sequence. Reported If you want to replace all the text in your answer by pasting other text in its place, first delete the unwanted text rather than pasting over existing text.
FERPA authorization overlay in Firefox In the application, the FERPA authorization overlay in Firefox does not have scroll bars and in some cases it is possible to "lose" the submit button depending on screen resolution. Reported Please try another browser.
Early Decision Questions If an applicants selects Early Decision for a college and then changes the decision plan, questions normally triggered by the Early Decision selection may still display. Reported  
Unknown Parent Check Mark In cases where an applicant first selects Mother or Father for Parent Type and then changes the response to Unknown, the Parent section will not be marked as complete. Reported If the applicant answers one of the questions that drives a conditional required question (e.g., occupation which requires employment status or education level which requires further education information), then the conditional questions are still required even when the parent is changed to unknown. The suggested workaround is to remove the answers, eliminating the conditionally required questions, and the green check appears
Long Answer: Chrome is cutting off the last line of a paste. When pasting from Chrome, the last line of your content may not paste. Reported As a best practice, always check your pasted content prior to submitting your application. Please visit this resource for additional best practices for formatting your essay.
Long Answer: Copy/pasting from Word in Firefox will add formatting text If you are using Word 11 for Mac and Firefox 14.4.x when you paste your content into the Common App essay answer box you may see additional formatting commands from Word that should not be visible. application to copy your essay into Common App. Reported Please visit this resource for best practices for formatting your essay.
Pasting from Google Docs

Text pasted from a Google doc into an essay or long response field will not retain formatting.

Reported Please visit this resource for best practices for formatting your essay.
Print Preview Error Message: The Adobe Reader cannot be found at its installed ln When using the print preview function in Firefox, likely in the newest version, possibly in combination with a new version of the Adobe Reader plug-in, there is an error message "The Adobe Reader cannot be found at its installed location". Once the error is dismissed the spinning wheel is visible and does not transition to a usable PDF preview, so preview and submission are impacted. Reported The issue will not present itself if another browser other than Firefox is used.

You may be able resolve the PDF display issue in Firefox by following the steps outlined in this url:

Note that the instructions come from Mozilla/Firefox, so it's safe to use, but it does remove extensions and extension data as part of the "reset" that it performs. It can be "undone" afterward if needed by following additional steps.
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