Known Issues and Progress Updates

The following "Known Issues" have been reported via the support channels. We are now listing them on a single webpage that will be updated frequently. Please note this is not an exhaustive list of all issues, some of which impact small numbers of users. If you are experiencing a problem that is not listed on this page, you should report the issue by contacting the Help Center while logged into your account.

For a list of previous "Known Issues" that have since been corrected, please click here.

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Application System

-- In-Progress: In some cases, the bold/italic formatting in an applicant's Personal Essay may appear in a larger font than the rest of the essay, as well as cause some words to split across a line. Once this issue is resolved, previously submitted essays will be updated to reflect the correction.

-- In-Progress: Depending on the browser an applicant uses to complete his/her essay, it may strip the "hard returns" from the applicants essay upon saving. This typically occurs with Firefox and can be resolved by completing the essay in another browser.

-- In-Progress: In most instances, after a user invites one teacher to submit Offline, when trying to invite another teacher they are unable to send the invitation.

-- In-Progress: In rare instances, an applicant may receive an error message upon submitting his/her application and then not receive a confirmation e-mail; yet upon returning to the dashboard it shows a Green Check for "Submitted". Please be aware that your application was in these cases successfully submitted to that institution and they are able to notify us if they have trouble retrieving it.

Applicant Login

-- In-Progress: In some instances, when attempting to change the e-mail address associated with the account, the page may occasionally timeout before the e-mail change completes. These are then no longer able to log in. Please contact the Help Center directly using the Ask a Question tab above so that we can correct the issue and investigate further.

Recommender System

-- If you are a Naviance user, the Secondary School Report can now be submitted to the Common Application via Naviance. To check the latest status on Naviance submission of Teacher Evaluations, ED agreements, Optional Reports, and Midyear reports, go to the following Naviance website;

Below is a brief summary of this release schedule:

  • School report – LIVE
  • Teacher evaluation - LIVE
  • Early Decision – LIVE
  • Optional report – LIVE
  • Fee Waiver report - LIVE
  • Mid Year Report - LIVE

-- The integration for Parchment users to attach their transcripts and submit through the Common Application is now live.

-- In-Progress: In some instances, when clicking the “Submit” button to generate a preview of a form before submitting, recommender encounters an error message

-- In-Progress: In many cases, if an applicant has not yet added a college to his/her list, and a Recommender attempts to submit the fee waiver form for that applicant, an error is returned rather than a successful submission.

-- In-Progress: In the Recommender invitation emails, the word "website" in the text "If you need assistance please contact us via the Common Application website." should be a link that navigates the user to the Common Application website. Currently, the word is not a link.

-- In-Progress: In some circumstances, the Applicant form status may not appear correctly in the Recommender system.

-- In-Progress:  In some cases, if an applicant removes all of his/her schools from the My Colleges page and then adds them or others back, a Recommender may encounter an error when attempting to submit the relevant forms.

-- In-Progress:  If an applicant removes a college after his/her counselor has submitted the ED Agreement, then adds it back, the counselor may receive an error page when attempting to submit it again.

-- In-Progress:  After submitting an online recommendation, recommenders do not have a way to generate a PDF of that student specific submitted form.

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