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Should recommendations be completed online or offline?

The teacher and counselor recommendation process is to be completed either all online or all offline. The college admissions offices do not want to receive the forms online and then receive paper evaluations and transcripts on paper. If there is a part of the online process that the counselor or teacher is unable to complete, the only choice is for the counselor or teacher to opt out and complete the forms on paper.

You may still complete and submit your application online, even if your counselor or teacher chooses to submit offline.

If your counselor or teacher has questions about the Recommendation system or the opt-out process, please have them contact us through the Recommendation Support Center.

If your counselor or teacher prefers to complete the forms offline, you may leave the email address blank when adding the recommender within your application. Once you do so, you will be able to print the recommendation form through the link provided in the application. Please print the form and provide it to your recommender.


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