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Transcripts (International Applicants)

A transcript is an official list of the courses (or classes) you have taken and the grades you have earned in those courses during your academic career. Most colleges will require the last three or four years of courses and grades. If you have not yet completed your final year of secondary school, your counselor can submit the final grades on the Final Report once they are available.

When using the Common Application, a transcript is typically provided by your counselor (or the equivalent of an academic administrator at your school). This person can submit your transcript through his/her Counselor or Recommender account. If your counselor chooses not to submit a transcript through the Common App, please contact each school directly to determine how you should send your official transcript.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Who will serve as my Common App High School Counselor?
  • Will my counselor use the Common App online recommendation system?
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