Why won t the PDF of my application load? Strongly Typed by HTML5 UP

Why won't the PDF of my application load?

You might be having trouble viewing the PDF because of your browser settings. A quick fix for this issue is to log in to your account using a different browser.

You can also adjust your browser settings to view PDF files in the browser's native viewer. Please see below for how to do so in different browsers.

For Firefox:
Preferences -> Applications -> Portable Document Format (PDF) -> Preview in Firefox

For Chrome:
Disabling or enabling Chrome PDF Viewer in Chrome 57+
1. Click on Chrome menu, select Settings
2. Scroll down and click on Advanced
3. Under Privacy & Security, click on Content Settings,
4. Click on PDF Documents,
To enable PDF Viewer, you need to turn off the ‘Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome’ Setting.

For IE10:
Internet Options
-> Advanced -> Security -> uncheck Enable Enhanced Protection Mode (you will need to restart your computer to make this take effect)

For Safari:
Safari Menu --> Preferences --> Security --> Make sure "Allow Plug Ins" is checked --> Click "Plug-in Settings" --> Make sure "Adobe Reader" is checked and setting is set to "Ask" or "Allow"

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