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Fixed Issues

The following "Known Issues" have been resolved. If you feel that one of these issues is not, in fact, corrected, please contact our Applicant Support team via the 'Ask A Question' tab with details of the issues you continue to encounter so that we can assist you further.

This page was last updated at 8:00 am on January 10th.

Issue Description Status
Account Rollover producing an error for some applicants During the Account Rollover process some users may see the following: "Error while processing request. Please try again later." FIXED
Scholar Snapp integration fails if last submission was to a member that requires Courses & Grades Applicant data is not sent to Scholar Snapp due to this issue. FIXED
Duplicate entries in Courses & Grades Some applicants may see duplicate entries when they enter course information in the Courses & Grades section. FIXED
Scholar Snapp integration fails if an application is submitted with no Counselor invite If an applicant integrates with Scholar Snapp when they have not yet invited a Counselor (or if a Naviance Counselor has not submitted any forms yet), then the Scholar Snapp integration fails and the applicant sees an error page. FIXED
Error page on submission after deadline Applicants submitting after the deadline will see an error page rather than a warning that the deadline has passed. FIXED
Applicants in China may have difficulty due to Google Drive integration Internet set up in China may not allow the use of Google Drive, which is currently impacting applicants' ability to use uploads and long answers (even if they wish to type in the answer). FIXED
No "Continue" button when reviewing the preview PDF Some applicants may not initially see the "Continue" button to move from PDF preview on to payment and submission. FIXED
Some applicants may not be able to submit the application when paying via Flywire Some applications will receive an error message of 'unable to submit' when attempting to pay the application fee via Flywire. FIXED
Students are logged out of application after completing payment via Flywire Students completing the application fee payment process using Flywire will be logged out of their application upon clicking the "Return to Common App" button in Flywire. FIXED
Applicants and Recommenders are unable to scroll through an in-progress PDF preview of the application Applicants and recommenders are unable to scroll through in-progress PDF previews. For applicants, these PDFs are generated by clicking the Preview button in the individual application sections, including college-specific screens. For advisors and counselors, these PDFs are used to preview a student’s application. FIXED
Payment not available
Cashnet, our third party payment vendor, is currently experiencing performance issues. To ensure applicants can submit their applications on time, we have bypassed the payment process. We will notify applicants when payment is available again, and they can log back in to their applications to pay their fees.
International Payment Errors Some applicants paying through Flywire may receive an error message when attempting to pay. FIXED
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