Fixed Issues

The following "Known Issues" have been resolved. If you feel that one of these issues is not, in fact, corrected, please contact our Applicant Support team with details of the issues you continue to encounter so that we can assist you further.

Application System

-- Fixed. At 12:35pm ET on January 15, we disabled payments for 356 members with a fee as a result of an issue we noticed with HigherOne payments being declined because of a disruption in credit card processing. HigherOne indicated this issue would take a few hours to fix but resolution came quicker than expected at 1pm ET when normal payment procedure was re-enabled. For the 30 minutes where payments were disabled, we were seeing successful submissions without a fee. We are in the process of communicating with all the applicants affected and have posted the following  Payment FAQ to walk the applicants through submitting the credit card payment.

-- Fixed. In rare instances, applicants have encountered errors with the “Print Preview” PDF of their application such as text running into the footer or a change in font format.

-- Fixed. In some circumstances, the Recommender form status may not appear correctly in the Applicant system.

-- Fixed. When attempting to upload a document within a Recommendation using the recently released Internet Explorer 11, a browser error message is displayed to the recommender. While the recommender is normally prompted to VIEW the uploaded document and CONFIRM that it looks correct, this browser error message prevents the recommender from being able to VIEW while still allowing them to CONFIRM. To circumvent the error altogether, recommenders may either click on Help for assistance with uploading, or simply attempt the upload using a different browser.

-- Fixed. In some instances, some applicants may experience issues with resetting their account password. Password issues are unique to each account. Please contact the Help Center directly using the Ask a Question tab above so that we can investigate further.

-- Fixed. When submitting an application to a school that only requires a Writing Supplement of applicants in certain situations, an applicant for whom it is not required is still instructed that they must complete it before their application will be complete.

-- Fixed. If an applicant opens up a section of his/her application, but does not make any edits or changes before moving to the next section, it will clear out the radio buttons and check boxes for the entire page unless it already has a "Green Check" mark indicating completion.

-- Fixed. When an applicant reordered Activities in the activities section, some already answered fields were deleted.

--Fixed. Applicants who had chosen an ED decision plan for a member were prevented from adding another college to their My Colleges list that offered an ED plan.

--Fixed. Applicants who selected an ED2 decision plan were not presented with the ability to invite a parent on the Assign Recommenders screen for that college.

--Fixed. Certain overlays (such as the High-School Lookup window) are too large for some monitors and students were unable to access the “Continue” button. 

--Fixed. In some instances, applicants are encountering errors getting a “Green Check” signaling completion of various sections of their Common Application, despite having completed all required questions. Please contact our Applicant Support team so that we can manually correct this for you.


Applicant Payment

--FixedSome payments can take 24 to 48 hrs to be reflected in the Common Application. Prior to 9/18, some applicants may have noticed payments were still not reflected after this time frame had expired. Applicants impacted by this issue before that date may still be experiencing problems. They should contact the Help Center directly for a quick resolution.

-- FIXED: In some cases, applicants who click the payment submit button more than once may discover multiple charges. In nearly all cases, we can (and will) automatically refund the extra payments.  If additional payments persist on your account after 72 hours, please contact the Help Center directly so we can expedite the refund. The Common Application--not the colleges--is responsible for refunding multiple payments.

Recommender System

-- Fixed. The downloadable Final Report form was not displaying the student's FERPA selection in the header.  This has been fixed.  It is important to note that the applicant does not have to complete the FERPA in order to print out this document, so the FERPA selection will only be populated if the student has already completed that step.

-- Fixed. “My Students” screen may time out when a Recommender attempts to view it.

-- Fixed. Clicking on account maintenance (the gear icon) in IE10 caused an error.

-- Fixed. The question “School’s passing mark” on the School Report form did not accept letters


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