Fixed Issues

The following "Known Issues" have been resolved. If you feel that one of these issues is not, in fact, corrected, please contact our Applicant Support team via the 'Ask A Question' tab with details of the issues you continue to encounter so that we can assist you further.


This page was last updated at 9 am ET on December 14th.




Issue Description Resolution Status
PDF: Special characters around ED Agreement Signature If you are applying under the Early Decision plan and have completed the Early Decision Agreement, you may notice additional text (" ") at the beginning and end of your ED Agreement Signature when you view a PDF copy of your Common Application. Fixed
PDF: HTML tag between responses to "Does a parent / stepparent work for [School Name]?" If you answer "Yes" to this question in a college's Questions screen and supply answers to Relationship, First Name, Last Name, Other Name, Title, Department, an HTML break tag "<br>" appears between each of those response segments in the PDF of your Common Application. Fixed
Teacher Recommendation Form Submission Teachers submitting teacher recommendations through Naviance may experience an error submitting the form if an ampersand is placed near the end of question that asks "List the courses in which you have taught this student, including the level of course difficulty (AP, IB, accelerated, honors, elective; 100-level, 200-level; etc.)." Fixed
Common App Website Interruption The Common Application website ( experienced a brief interruption in service the morning of November 30th, which prompted us to put a redirect page in place so that applicants, recommenders and members could continue to access the Common App system. Fixed
Error message when sending transcripts from Parchment. Aplicants attempting to send transcripts from Parchment may receive an error message when they attempt to add their Common App ID. Fixed
ePayment receipt icon error When an applicant who has paid the application fee clicks the payment receipt icon located on the Review and Submit tab of the submitted college, an error page is displayed rather than the receipt page. Fixed
Recommendation System: Validation rules on Counselor Rec form incorrect Currently, if any question has been completed on the Counselor Recommendation form, it may be submitted. However, validations should enforce at least one of the following questions to be complete before the form can be submitted: Upload document, Long answer recommendation, or Opt-out. Fixed

Email account update issue

We have seen isolated incidents wherein a student created an account with one email, has since updated the email address, but that update is not reflected in our authentication database. 


Deleting colleges from dashboard Deleting the last or only college from the Dashboard does not refresh the list until you navigate away from the page and return or refresh the page using the browser. Fixed
PDF Preview display If you use an ampersand character (&) in the Current Year Courses, Course Title field, you may encounter an issue with generating the PDF during PDF Preview and Submission. Fixed
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