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Known Issues and Progress Updates

We're always working to resolve issues that are reported to us. If your problem is listed below, we're aware of the issue and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible.  We will provide suggested workarounds and updates regularly, as we are committed to updating the status of these issues as often as possible. 

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This page was last updated at 8:00 am ET on January 10th.

Issue Description Resolution Status Temporary Solution
IE and Edge scroll bar in Courses & Grades You may not be able to use the scroll bar in the Courses & Grades overlay when using IE or Edge. Open You can use a different browser, or you can use the trackpad or mouse scroll gestures within the overlay space instead of clicking and dragging the scroll bar.
Home School state selection overlay may not show all states in the view The state dropdown shows 2 items at a time and may not always show the values for the last couple of states (example: Utah, Wyoming). Open Type in desired state and it will show as soon as it finds a match regardless of position in the list.
Member names with three lines are cut off in the Requirements Grid The third row of text in a member label gets cut off in the application requirements grid. Open  
In some circumstances the third CBO choice value will not display on the PDF  If the second CBO is "Other" and a name is typed in, the third CBO name selected from the dropdown will not show on app preview. Open Only select "Other" for the last CBO selection.
IE11, as well as Edge (older than version 39), are not compatible with the Google upload integration These browser versions are not successful when using the Google upload integration. The progress spinner stays on the screen and no document is uploaded. Open For a Microsoft platform, using Edge 39 or 40 works as well as Chrome and Firefox.
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