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The Knowledge Base has more than 196 support references, created by support professionals who have resolved issues for our customers. It is constantly updated, expanded, and refined to ensure that you have access to the very latest information. Begin by browsing folders on the left side of this site.
  1. Need to Know
  2. Known Issues and Progress Updates
  3. When is the deadline for my application submission?
  4. Why is my application not submitted even though I paid the application fee?
  1. Timely Tips
  2. Can I still assign recommenders after submitting my application?
  3. Is there a limit to the number of edits I can make to my personal essay once I've submitted an application?
  4. How can I resubmit my application?
  5. Applicant Chat Suspended after March 4th
  1. Training Resources
  2. Fixed Issues
  3. Known Issues and Progress Updates
  4. Live Common App Member Schools A-M
  5. Live Common App Member Schools N-Z
  6. Training Resources Library
  7. More...
  1. Common App onTrack
  2. How can I get help with using the app?
  3. Are reminders device specific?
  4. Can I search for colleges without logging into my account?
  5. What do the icons in Common App onTrack mean?
  6. Why is Common App onTrack only available on certain devices?
  7. More...
  1. My Account / Login
  2. How can I access my 2014-15 Common Application Account?
  3. How can I delete my application?
  4. How can I update my account's email address and password?
  5. How do I reset my account password?
  6. What are the requirements for creating my account's password?
  7. More...
  1. Dashboard
  2. What are the Writing Requirements?
  3. How can I add a college to my Dashboard?
  4. Where can I see the overall status of each part of my application?
  5. Where are the application requirements for a specific school listed?
  6. What is the "Dashboard"?
  7. More...
  1. College Search
  2. How do I search for a college?
  3. Where can I find more detailed information about a college?
  4. Where can I find the Requirements grid?
  1. My Colleges
  2. Can a college view the list of colleges on the My Colleges list?
  3. Do I need a SlideRoom account for every college in my list?
  4. How can I clear an answer I've entered on the application?
  5. How can I remove a school from my Dashboard?
  6. How many colleges can I add to my Dashboard?
  7. More...
  1. Common Application
  2. Common App Privacy Policy Updates
  3. ED requirements
  4. Financial aid
  5. Graduate programs
  6. How can I help the Common App with new features and changes?
  7. More...
  1. FAFSA Information
  2. Why is the Common Application sending me emails and texts about financial aid and the FAFSA?
  1. Scholarship Information
  2. How can I use Scholar Snapp to submit scholarship applications?
  3. How do I get access to the Scholar Snapp solution?
  4. I already submitted, can I change my answer?
  5. What are the types of scholarships available through Scholar Snapp?
  6. What scholarship information is available here?
  7. More...
  1. Recommenders
  2. Can I still assign recommenders after submitting my application?
  3. Can I submit my application before my recommenders submit their forms?
  4. Contact Parchment
  5. How can I change my FERPA decision?
  6. How can I change my FERPA waiver in Naviance?
  7. More...
  1. Payment & Submission
  2. Can I make a change to a submitted application?
  3. College Board Fee Waiver
  4. Common App Fee Waiver
  5. How can I make an international payment when submitting my application?
  6. How can I resubmit my application?
  7. More...
  1. Uploading & Print Preview
  2. Can I print my completed application and mail it to the college?
  3. How can I submit my Common App?
  4. How do I remove an uploaded file?
  5. I'm having trouble uploading a document. What should I do?
  6. What should I do if I am unable to see the Continue button at the bottom of the section or page?
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