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The Knowledge Base has more than 161 support references, created by support professionals who have resolved issues for our customers. It is constantly updated, expanded, and refined to ensure that you have access to the very latest information. Begin by browsing folders on the left side of this site.
  1. Training Resources
  2. Fixed Issues
  3. Known Issues and Progress Updates
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  1. My Account / Login
  2. How can I access my 2014-15 Common Application Account?
  3. How can I delete my application?
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  1. Dashboard
  2. What are the Writing Requirements?
  3. Where are the application requirements for a specific school listed?
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  1. College Search
  2. How can I add a college to my Dashboard?
  3. How can I request more information from a college?
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  1. My Colleges
  2. Can a college view the list of colleges on the My Colleges list?
  3. Do I need a Slideroom account for every college in my list?
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  1. Common Application
  2. ED requirements
  3. Financial aid
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  1. Recommenders
  2. Adding and assigning recommenders for Naviance schools
  3. Assigning recommenders
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  1. Payment & Submission
  2. Can't submit
  3. Change to submitted application
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  1. Uploading & Print Preview
  2. File exceeds upload size
  3. How to submit and preview?
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  1. Member Screen
  2. How do I resend a Recommender Invite?